Polka party

Dinner with folklore

Greeting with bread and salt, tasting local dishes interspersed with folklore performances is a beautiful  picture of Polish tradition. Feasting together in a rustic interior with a hint of stronger drink brings an excellent mood. Richly decorated Cracovian costumes, wreaths, necklaces and peacock feathers,  buzzing Cracovian  belts and colorful swirling skirts create a very colorful spectacle. That is the invitation to the event, because who would not like to dance hearing the sound of Polka, Oberek or Krakowiak –They, for sure, remain for a long time in a memory. The culmination of the entire show is fun in the ” embroidered handkerchief ” and “ Lajkonik” dance holding a baton in his hand as the legend says  being  touched by the Lajkonik’s baton brings luck- it is worth to convince about this.

On photos Folk Band ” Złoty Róg” from Kraków.


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