A small brewery of the Great Salt

When ages ago miners went down into dark mines to dig the salty richness with sweat and toil, this one thought only was with them – hope for a meal in the mine’s kitchen – a meal usually accompanied by beer as tea or coffee were not known. When the Żupna kitchen closed its door (after1565), each miner going down received free meal of bread, white cheese and beer. It was not that strong as today’s beer, made from wheat, oats and hops. Worth mentioning is the fact that beer was not only a drink – it soaked into Polish cuisine tradition as a beer soup, sometimes called “gamratka”. It was eaten hot for breakfast, usually with bread, cheese and cinnamon. A small brewery from Wieliczka, newly established as “Karczma pod wielką solą”, is well fitted into long tradition of the presence and using the benefits of beer within the miners’ brotherhood. Aromatic beer “Żupne” links the old miners’ customs with the modern world. The Żupne beer is prepared very carefully and with all the respect to the old recipies. It brings the true old Polish traditions of power and might of the underground element, together with noble flavors of all aromas of nature. The brewery offers several types of beer, depending on the ingredients, their amount and strength.

Types of beer brewed on site:

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Żupne Jasne Pełne – bottom-fermented beer brewed with Pilsner malt. Its honey color and the refreshing bouquet of aromas with proper level of bitterness let to include this beer to the group of products interesting because of their quality and flavor. Crystal transparency links to the beauty of salt crystals that can be admired in the underground caves of Wieliczka Salt Mine.
Extract of wort: 11,9%
Alcohol: 5% vol.


Żupne Magnum Sal –  beer of amber color of upper-fermentation. It is characterized by full aroma and clear bouquet, where proper amount of hops gives the drink fullness of flavor harmony.
Extract of wort : 16,6%
Alcohol :7,5% vol.
Żupne Wheat – beer of upper-fermentation, brewed from the mix of wheat and oats malt.
Light as grain ears, refreshing, astonishes with delicate flavor slightly enriched with banana and carnation notes. Its natural turbidity from yeast is an added value.
Extract of wort : 12,4%
Alcohol : 4,8% vol.
Żupne Amber – beer of bottom fermentation, brewed from oats malt. Delicate bitterness, malt flavor, thick white foam, strong saturation.
Extract of wort : 16,6 %
Alcohol : 6,6 % vol.