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„ Pod Wielką Solą ‘’ Inn is one of the oldest restaurants in Wieliczka. It was built in 1975 by the mountaineers from Ząb at the former international road E-22 (currently it’s the national road no. 94). The basic building blocks are thick wooden balls giving cool in summer and warm in winter. The natural color of the wood and its smell like a typical tavern tables and chairs create a cozy atmosphere.  On the shelves there are many antiques, folk decor, warmth and glow of the fire from the fireplace create a unique atmosphere.

Until 1994, the owner of the building was the Community Cooperatives. In later years the building has been developed, which has gained new facilities and, in existing walls there were created additional consumption spaces. Today , there are two air-conditioned halls for about 250 guests at your disposal . Room on the ground floor with a fireplace and a children’s play area, which can accommodate for about  180 people and a room on the floor for about 70 people. Spacious and covered outdoor seating gives you the opportunity to have the meal outdoors. Extensive parking can accommodate 5 coaches and 30 cars at one time.

„what is cottage rich in …”

In our menu card they are mainly dishes inspired by traditional Polish cuisine. Prepared according to traditional recipes : mushroom soup in a bread bowl and sour soup, several types of hand-made dumplings. A reference to customs of the żupna cuisine


where  “one court meal consumes about two kilograms meat for a man and 1,3 kg  for a woman” and “ the piles of all kinds of meat were turned into roast …”

( M.Piera)

are our specialty: ribs roasted on many different ways  with beer and honey, garlic or mustard and rosemary and the Innkeeper chop that is so large that it is enough for the whole family.


There are poultry dishes, pork and beef dishes and among the fish there is a trout grown in ponds of crystal, clear water in Zawoja Mosorne. For dessert, among others, you can have apple fritters and gingerbread with plum rum  mousse.

Complementing the festive moments let it be a cup of tea with rose jam, cold beer from a regional brewery,  which  once constituted “one of the most important positions in shopping” (M.Piera) or a glass of wine from a nearby vineyard.

We will be pleased to welcome you.



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